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David Gargaro, freelance content writer and copy editor in the Greater Toronto Area

Your company creates (or needs) content, and you want it to be great. You know the value of good, clear writing that speaks to your audience. You also appreciate the value of copy editing, and how great editing is seamless.

I'm a freelance content writer based in the Greater Toronto Area. I write content that tells, instructs, informs and educates. This includes articles, websites, blog posts, case studies and marketing material. I help companies to tell their story, educate their readers and explain difficult concepts so that they make sense. Check out my portfolio for samples of my work.

I'm also an experienced freelance copy editor. I provide a range of editing services, including copy editing, proofreading, structural editing and indexing. I bring 25+ years of editing experience with companies in various industries and all types of content. That's backed by great attention to detail, extensive knowledge of different style guides and software, and dedication to meeting your deadline.

Need guidance on what content to develop? Or training on how to improve your employees' writing skills? I offer consulting to help point you in the right direction. I've built a publishing department from the ground up and run an on-site corporate seminar on writing better emails, so I bring real-world experience to the table.

More importantly, I ensure hassle-free comfort and security. You can rely on my expertise to ensure peace of mind. And I can step in at a moment's notice when your human resources are short or time is tight. Just consider me part of your on-call team.

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