I've been providing editing services, solutions and support for more than 20 years. I've edited a wide range of content for all types of companies, in industries including automotive, financial, legal, pharmaceutical, education and human resources. I've also been the on-call editor for many advertising, marketing, branding and publishing firms.

Why is that important to you?

It means that you get peace of mind that your content will be clean, clear and error-free. You get the security of an experienced on-call editor who is just a click away - email your documents or project details, and leave the rest to me.

So, contact me if...


You produce a lot of content

You're a publisher, creative/marketing director or managing editor. You have full-time or freelance employees who handle most editing needs. But you're very busy, or you're short-handed, or you have a project that needs an experienced eye and very little time to get it done.

This is my specialty. Consider me your on-call editor. When you have an editing need, just email me the documents, and I'll get it done. If it's a rush, External link opens in new tab or windowcall me. Then leave the rest to me.

You need editing expertise

You have a book, website or project that needs an editor's touch. But you don't know who to call or what's involved in the editing process. Or you just want to get this one important project reviewed before it goes out to all your clients and prospects.

External link opens in new tab or windowLet's talk about your editing needs, and I'll help you to produce the cleanest, clearest copy possible.

Check out my portfolio for a list of books that I have edited.

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