If you write, develop or publish any type of written content (either on a page or online), then you probably need an editor. Every writer and producer of content can benefit from working with an editor. It's very difficult to catch your own spelling, grammar and consistency errors because you tend to be overlook them. Working with a professional editor will add that layer of security and ensure that your content is clear, accurate and consistent.

So, contact me if...


You produce a lot of content

You work at an advertising/branding, publishing, web design or marketing firm. So you create a lot of content on a regular basis. You probably have on-site or freelance staff who handle your various editing needs. But you're very busy, or you have a project that needs an experienced eye and very little time to get it done.

This is my specialty. Put me on your team as an on-call editor, and when you have an editing need, just email the project to me, and I'll get it done. If it's a rush, then call me. Let's talk about your editing needs, and leave the rest to me.

You need editing expertise

You have a book, website or project that needs an editor's touch. But you don't know who to call or what's involved in the editing process. Or you just want to get this one important project reviewed before it goes out to all your clients and projects.

Let's talk about your editing needs, and see whether I can help you to produce the cleanest, clearest copy possible.

Types of editing services