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Looking back... way back

I've been a freelance content writer and copy editor since 1992... more than 25 years. My fantastic clients (see below) range from entrepreneurs and authors to Fortune 500 companies. I write and edit content for companies in many different industries, including finance, insurance, law, marketing, automotive, government, real estate, training and education. Check out my portfolio for some examples of my work.

I started as a freelance math editor (I have a degree in actuarial science). This involved copy editing lesson content, working out answers and writing questions. One of my nephews even used a textbook that I edited - it had my name in the credits! I still work with educational publishers in Canada and the U.S., although today there's more online and interactive content than physical textbooks.

Soon after that, I began working with creative placement agencies. I provided copy editing and proofreading support to advertising and branding agencies across the Greater Toronto Area. Honestly, I edited every type of written content - headlines, press releases, branding and advertising campaigns, websites, white papers, case studies... and even a museum display.

In the mid-90s, I started freelancing with a small publishing company (Permacharts). This turned into a semi-permanent role, as I created the role of managing editor. I built a new publishing department from scratch, created a style guide, hired writers and editors, and increased publication output by about 300 per cent. I also managed the website, developed sales and marketing materials, wrote a newsletter and attended a couple of trade shows.

Looking forward

After 25 years, I still enjoy what I do. Every day brings a new challenge to solve, and new words to write.

I'm still providing content writing and copy editing to publishing, advertising, marketing, training and corporate clients. I've been fortunate to work with some fantastic companies and amazing projects. For example:

  • I write for External link opens in new tab or windowRHB Magazine, the national magazine for Canada's rental housing industry. Topics include building maintenance, energy efficiency, new products and services, legislation and issues important to rental housing.

  • I wrote, edited and revised content for MaRS External link opens in new tab or windowEntrepreneur's Toolkit, covering topics such as accounting, marketing, product management, sales and more.

  • I've edited several great books, including External link opens in new tab or windowShift! by Craig Elias and Tibor Shanto, and External link opens in new tab or windowBuilt to Sell by John Warrilow.

  • I gave a seminar on writing effective emails to External link opens in new tab or windowEditors Canada - it's on External link opens in new tab or windowYouTube if you want to watch it.

I also write a blog called External link opens in new tab or windowThe Editor's Desk, and recently published a book called External link opens in new tab or windowHow to Run Your Company... Into the Ground.

Does that sound good to you? Great. Then contact me if you need an experienced copy editor, or a writer who knows how to write content that tells and compels.

Some personal stuff about me

Client Testimonials


As a proofreader, David personifies attention to detail. Every document he proofreads is a testament to his unfailing ability to identify errors in punctuation, syntax and layout. Clients repeatedly request his services and praise both his work and efficiency. David is talented, flexible and possesses an infallible ability to meet deadlines. His infectious personality makes him exceptionally easy to work with. It is a pleasure to represent him for our client's projects. We look forward to representing him far into the future!


Collin Ezzell, Division Director, The Creative Group

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