David Gargaro
Consulting Editor

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Why you need a Consulting Editor

All companies produce content. Writing is difficult to do well. People have issues with finding the right words, or conveying their message to their audience. As a Consulting Editor, I can help you to create content that is clear, consistent and accurate. Together, we will analyze your needs, revise your existing content to ensure that it speaks to your audience and devise new content to address your communication goals.

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Writing and editing services


I provide companies that produce content with writing and editing solutions and support. This includes:


"I have worked with David for several years on different magazines and projects. I have found that he is always willing to listen to suggestions with respect to the direction of a publication or article. His writing style is straightforward yet interesting to read, and he is quite adept at editing other writers' articles. He has the ability to put interviewees at ease, as they always have positive comments about the experience and final result. I truly appreciate that he knows how to manage deadlines, and that he is easy to work with under all circumstances.”

- Marc L. Côté, Principal, Rental Housing Business magazine


Ensuring the accuracy, clarity and integrity of your message.