Getting the Readerís Attention


Getting your readerís attention is a big step in achieving your goal. After all, if they donít read what you wrote, whatís the point? Whether you are trying to sell a product or introduce your business, you have to get the attention of your intended audience. So how do you accomplish that?


  1. Outline the significance of your subject. If the importance of your topic can catch the readerís interest, then he or she will want to know more about the topic and will continue reading.

  2. Start with a popular quotation, slogan or saying. Use a well-known quote if it states your point of view more efficiently and effectively than your own words. Make sure that you identify the source.

  3. Insert a startling statement, but do not use an insult or falsehood. A surprising statement or little-known fact can effectively grab the readerís attention.

  4. Ask a question that encourages the reader to think. If you can get the reader to think about a possible answer, then he or she will continue to read to see if you provide the answer to your own question. Rhetorical questions can be effective as well.

  5. Start with a generalization that falls within the scope of your subject. You can then narrow it down with a more specific statement so that your reader understands where you are headed.

  6. State a challenge to a popular opinion. You may hit a nerve with your readers where they agree or disagree with this challenge. Make sure that your content backs up the statement.

  7. Introduce your topic with a definition. Using a definition is a good idea when introducing an unfamiliar term to your audience.

  8. Open with a personal story or anecdote. People enjoy stories, but keep it short and make sure that it relates to your point. Stories can emphasize how your topic has real meaning, and can come from your life, the media or an event involving someone you know.


David Gargaro
Consulting Editor

Ensuring the accuracy, clarity and integrity of your message.