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"I have worked with David for several years on different magazines and projects. I have found that he is always willing to listen to suggestions with respect to the direction of a publication or article. His writing style is straightforward yet interesting to read, and he is quite adept at editing other writers' articles. He has the ability to put interviewees at ease, as they always have positive comments about the experience and final result. I truly appreciate that he knows how to manage deadlines, and that he is easy to work with under all circumstances.”

- Marc L. Côté, Principal, Rental Housing Business magazine

"That's what they love you for... your brilliant and speedy work!"

- Alicia Brum, The Creative Group

"Very good job and quick turn-around! The piece was very well received. Your help was very much appreciated!!"

- Peter Sewell, Partner, Commix Communications

"I sincerely thank you for your professionalism David. I honestly feel that I chose well in choosing you to work with. I have two more books I have already written and at some point in the near future expect to be contacting you."

- John Atkinson, Author

"David has created the index for a dozen Pembroke books. His work reflects the amazing insights he has into words, language and ideas. Authors are consistently thrilled at his ability to create an index that helps readers to navigate their way through their book. When asked, David has the knack of picking up errors and raising questions that the editor may have missed. Ideal when working on a tight schedule, his index is ready to publish pretty much as he presents it."

- Mary Macchiusi, Publisher, Pembroke Publishers

"As a proofreader, David personifies attention to detail. Every document he proofreads is a testament to his unfailing ability to identify errors in punctuation, syntax and layout. Clients repeatedly request his services and praise both his work and efficiency. David is talented, flexible and possesses an infallible ability to meet deadlines. His infectious personality makes him exceptionally easy to work with. It is a pleasure to represent him for our client's projects. We look forward to representing him far into the future!"

- Collin Ezzell, Division Director, The Creative Group

"Thank you David. This was fast, thorough, very professional. I am very pleased."

- Ernst Marsig, Certified Principal Consultant, Y2Marketing

Ensuring the accuracy, clarity and integrity of your message.

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